Darija Begić (MNE)

Darija Begić, hailing from Montenegro, is a versatile graphic designer and illustrator. In her graphic design practice, she revels in pushing the boundaries of visual identity creation for diverse products and brands. Specializing in logo design, typography, and book design, Darija enjoys experimenting with an array of styles, approaches, and printing techniques. Over a decade of honing her craft has culminated in the establishment of her own design studio, granting her the freedom to pursue her creative passions unencumbered by conventional constraints. As an illustrator, Darija delves into the realm of emotions, thoughts, and the human psyche, seeking to unearth the subconscious elements of existence. Proficient in both traditional and digital mediums, she seamlessly transitions between the two depending on the context and her creative impulse. Her work often explores themes such as animal rights, human rights, scientific inquiry, and literary inspiration, reflecting her diverse interests and sources of inspiration.