Founded in 1993, the Students’ Cultural Center Novi Sad (SCC Novi Sad) has become a crucial part of the cultural life of young people in Novi Sad. SCC Novi Sad’s primary objective is to promote artistic values and provide a platform for young talent, showcasing a wide range of literary, theatrical, musical, and artistic productions each year. Their program includes numerous concerts, exhibitions, discussions, workshops, markets, theatre performances, literary/musical editions, and major festivals, which attract various visitors.

In 2011, SCC Novi Sad received the October Award from the City of Novi Sad in recognition of its contributions to the field of culture and education. SCC Novi Sad’s Factory is the institution’s main program space, which also hosts panel discussions, workshops, book and music promotions, as well as markets for comics, vinyl, design exchanges, handicrafts, and more. SCC Novi Sad is firmly committed to promoting artistic values, supporting young talent, and educating young people.



Bakelit Multi Art Center, also known as “The First Factory Theatre,” is a captivating and independent creative center situated in the heart of Budapest’s industrial district. It has been housed in the beautifully restored old Spinning and Weaving Mill, one of the earliest post-industrial buildings in the city to be transformed into a multi-cultural space.

Bakelit’s primary objective is to provide artists with a welcoming and inspiring environment for learning, creating, preparing, and exhibiting their work. It features various artistic spaces like rehearsal studios, performance halls, event rooms, and exhibition spaces, attracting both local and international artists. Bakelit Multi Art Center is a prominent and active hub of artistic activity, playing a pivotal role in Budapest’s cultural scene. Its unwavering dedication to promoting artistic expression and nurturing creativity has made it a cherished institution among artists and audiences alike.



Kino Šiška is a cultural institution that has been at the heart of Slovenia’s contemporary concert scene since 2009, offering a variety of visual and performing arts activities. It has become a hub of creativity for artists and event organizers, attracting over 100,000 visitors annually to its 300+ events.

no Šiška is a community that values quality content and has established several united brands, including the MENT Ljubljana festival and conference, DobraVaga gallery, CoFestival international festival of contemporary dance, Tinta international comics festival, and Špil liga, the first primary and secondary school band league in Slovenia. Thanks to community support, Kino Šiška has gained international recognition and is a member of the European Dancehouse Network, Liveurope, and Trans Europe Halles. Anyone is welcome to participate in the development of Slovenian and local cultural scenes at Kino Šiška.



PostScriptum is a consulting organization that specializes in arts and heritage management, offering creative and innovative ideas for projects that enhance the brand identity of organizations in the cultural sector. Their specialization products are designed to have a strong impact and align with funding and developmental policies at the national and European levels. One of their key projects is the creation of innovative exhibitions that incorporate both physical and digital dimensions, offering visitors an edutainment experience.

PostScriptum emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary synergies, mutual benefit scenarios, financially sustainable means of support, promotion of public involvement, and PPPP synergies (People-Private-Public-Partnerships) in achieving effective results. Their goal is to provide a unique approach to each project, tailored to the specific needs and goals of their clients.



Autonomous Cultural Center (ACC) is a non-profit association active in non-institutional and youth culture. Its mission is to create and share cultural, political, and economic alternatives and provide public space for those who want to act beyond the mainstream. They operate by D.I.Y principles and work towards changes at the local level for a free society.

Since 1997, ACC has supported independent culture by organizing projects such as art festivals, alternative music events, film and theatre productions, gallery, library, and hacklab programs, including a variety of educational events in Croatia and beyond. In 2009, they launched ACC Medika, a cultural community center aimed at enabling civil society, subversive arts, activist education, and knowledge exchange.