Marko Dješka (HR)

Marko Dješka is a Croatian comic artist, illustrator, and animation film director. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, specializing in the animation department. Marko’s creative portfolio includes four short films that have achieved notable success at numerous festivals. His recent animated film, “All Those Sensations in my Belly,” has garnered 25 awards and commendations and has been featured in over 200 festivals worldwide, spanning countries such as France, Russia, the USA, Mexico, and Japan. As the co-founder of the Adriatic Animation Studio in Zagreb, Marko plays a pivotal role in the production of animated content. Additionally, he serves as one of the organizers of the OHOHO Festival of Comics and Street Art since 2019. Marko’s influence extends to the international stage, with his short comics published in esteemed magazines worldwide, including Heavy Metal (USA) and various fanzines such as Freakshow Comix and Gorgonzola (France), Aargh! (Czech Republic), and Komikaze and Endem (Croatia). He also serves as the editor of two comic magazines, OHOHOzin and Strip-Prefiks.