Are you passionate about creating comics, zines, manga, or illustrations that explore the power of women and challenge societal norms? Join us in reshaping the narrative surrounding women in comics, particularly in South-Eastern Europe, by applying for WOMCOM's artist-in-residency programs here.

WOMCOM is dedicated to promoting the visibility and representation of female artists in the world of comics. Spanning from 2023 to 2024, the project unites partners from Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Through four residency programs, artists have the opportunity to create short comics, receive mentorship, participate in exhibitions, be featured in a printed anthology alongside fellow artists, and become part of a vibrant regional network of creatives.

Following the success of the 2023 residencies in Novi Sad, Serbia, and Budapest, Hungary, WOMCOM is excited to announce its 2024 artistic residencies. From May 29 to June 12, join us in Podgorica, Montenegro, and from September 8 to 22, experience the residency in Zagreb, Croatia.

WOMCOM encourages the creation of short comics exploring various aspects of the female experience in any genre or form. Comics produced during the two-week residencies will be exhibited, published in a printed anthology, and featured online on the WOMCOM digital platform.

Ready to be part of this transformative journey?

We offer two distinct residency programs, and applicants have the option to apply for both, provided they have not yet participated in two residencies.

AiR in Podgorica, Montenegro
May 29 to June 12, 2024


Dragana Radanović, a Serbian comic book author and illustrator, has showcased her artwork in exhibitions across Serbia, Belgium, and France. She has a keen interest in literature exploring challenging themes, unconventional illustrated books, and graphic narratives depicting marginalized experiences worldwide. Currently serving as an assistant teacher at the LUCA School of Art in Brussels, Dragana aids students in crafting their graphic novels. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she is undertaking a doctorate, delving into the portrayal of childhood in comics and the transformative potential of comics-making as a cognitive process. Supported by the esteemed Research Foundation – Flanders, her comic research endeavors are on the cutting edge of scholarly inquiry. Committed to amplifying the visibility of emerging comic authors, Dragana co-founded "Comic-Aunties" (Stripotetke), an organization dedicated to championing women and young authors in the comic industry.

Darija Begić, hailing from Montenegro, is a versatile graphic designer and illustrator. In her graphic design practice, she revels in pushing the boundaries of visual identity creation for diverse products and brands. Specializing in logo design, typography, and book design, Darija enjoys experimenting with an array of styles, approaches, and printing techniques. Over a decade of honing her craft has culminated in the establishment of her own design studio, granting her the freedom to pursue her creative passions unencumbered by conventional constraints. As an illustrator, Darija delves into the realm of emotions, thoughts, and the human psyche, seeking to unearth the subconscious elements of existence. Proficient in both traditional and digital mediums, she seamlessly transitions between the two depending on the context and her creative impulse. Her work often explores themes such as animal rights, human rights, scientific inquiry, and literary inspiration, reflecting her diverse interests and sources of inspiration.


The WOMCOM AiR program in Montenegro offers a dynamic platform for comic artists eager to explore and expand the boundaries of their craft. Departing from the solitary approach often associated with comic creation, the program prioritizes collaborative opportunities that foster idea-sharing and innovation among residents. The aim is to demonstrate that a single creative solution can manifest in myriad forms.

Through a blend of collective and individual work, residents augment their artistic practices by drawing insights from diverse deconstruction and reconstruction movements. Embracing creative constraints serves as a catalyst for deeper comprehension of comic grammar, thereby catalyzing innovation and enhancing individual artistic expression.

In recognition of the digital age, the program delves into the evolving landscape of comics within the digital realm. Artists are encouraged to leverage the unique possibilities afforded by digital communication tools to connect with audiences, share ideas, and explore new avenues for creative expression. With limitless potential, the program embarks on a journey to explore the myriad forms and possibilities that digital comics offer.

Following the selection process, moderators tailor the residency methodology to accommodate the specific needs and profiles of the participating artists, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for all involved.

The artists and the WOMCOM project will be hosted by the National Library “Radosav Ljumović” and its Stripoteka – part of the library specialised in comics. Click HERE for more details.

The exhibition of the residents’ works will be open on June 11, 2024, in the Cultural and Information Centre “Budo Tomović” (popularly KIC) in Podgorica. Click HERE for details. The accommodation will be provided in double rooms in the Hotel Ambasador in downtown Podgorica, near the park and at the river bank of Morača.

AiR in Zagreb, Croatia
September 8 to 22, 2024


Marko Dješka is a Croatian comic artist, illustrator, and animation film director. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, specializing in the animation department. Marko's creative portfolio includes four short films that have achieved notable success at numerous festivals. His recent animated film, "All Those Sensations in my Belly," has garnered 25 awards and commendations and has been featured in over 200 festivals worldwide, spanning countries such as France, Russia, the USA, Mexico, and Japan. As the co-founder of the Adriatic Animation Studio in Zagreb, Marko plays a pivotal role in the production of animated content. Additionally, he serves as one of the organizers of the OHOHO Festival of Comics and Street Art since 2019. Marko's influence extends to the international stage, with his short comics published in esteemed magazines worldwide, including Heavy Metal (USA) and various fanzines such as Freakshow Comix and Gorgonzola (France), Aargh! (Czech Republic), and Komikaze and Endem (Croatia). He also serves as the editor of two comic magazines, OHOHOzin and Strip-Prefiks.

Helena Janečić pursued her passion for visual arts by studying painting at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, where she obtained her BA, and later at the Art Academy in Zagreb, where she earned her MA. Her artistic journey began during high school, where she began drawing comics for the school newspaper. While painting dominated her university studies, Helena always found herself drawn back to comics. Her work transcends various media and delves into contemporary queer discourse, with a focus on empowering female protagonists and exploring themes of confidence, self-awareness, and reimagined tradition. From large-scale paintings to graphic, comic-book-inspired drawings, Helena's art probes into the representation of lesbian sexuality in visual media. Notably, her comic series featuring the superhero Horny Dyke challenges societal norms, while her paintings capture everyday moments, such as in the series “Country Girls,” which depicts the lives of two Slavonian women. Through her series “City Gals,” Helena continues to delve into the queer identity across different historical periods. Currently based in Zagreb, Croatia, Helena works as a freelance painter and comic book author, enriching the artistic landscape with her diverse and thought-provoking creations.


The final WOMCOM residency will be held at Medika - Social Cultural Centre, home to the Autonomous Cultural Centre Attack. For many years, this venue has been a cornerstone of Zagreb's alternative scene, hosting a plethora of cultural events such as festivals, music performances, exhibitions, cinema screenings, residencies, workshops, and more. Among its notable events is the OHOHO festival of comics and street art, scheduled from September 19 to 22, 2024, marking the culmination of the WOMCOM AiR program.

The OHOHO festival has a focus on small publishers and alternative publications, showcasing various do-it-yourself (DIY) posters and illustrations. The event features drawing and mural activities, comics workshops, promotions of independent comics publications and festivals, presentations by authors and publishers from abroad, DIY markets, exhibitions, and much more.

As the workshop's theme centers around webcomics, each participant will create their own short comic with guidance from mentors Helena Janečić and Marko Dješka, tailored for digital platforms such as Instagram, where webcomics enjoy immense popularity today. Participants will receive instructions on adapting their comic pages to suit the webcomic format, both narratively and technically. The festival will also host successful webcomic authors, offering masterclasses or lectures on their work.

Additionally, WOMCOM participants will have the opportunity to visit art studios in Zagreb specializing in screenprints, posters, and illustrations created using the DIY technique. Throughout the residency program, participants will engage with a vibrant and diverse creative community, interact with various artists who call Medika their home, and work within a site-specific environment, fostering a truly immersive experience.

Application Details

Each residency program has its own unique focus, yet all provide the following benefits:
- Mentoring by acknowledged professionals from the comic industry.
- Collaboration with a diverse group of twelve artists per residency, with a majority representation of women.
- Opportunity for one artist per country from all AiRs to visit Angouleme and receive support for showcasing their work at the renowned international comic festival.
- Inclusion in the WOMCOM Anthology and publication on the WOMCOM Digital Platform.
- Accommodation, per diem, and contribution to travel costs.
- Enjoyment and camaraderie throughout the residency experience.

As a resident, you are expected to:
- Focus on your proposed comics project.
- Create a minimum of five and a maximum of nine pages of comics for exhibition.
- Exhibit the work created during the two-week residency.
- Send your work to the printed anthology and online repository.

Interested in a residency? You are eligible to apply if you:
- Create comics, manga, webcomics, zines, illustration, graphic design, or other visual art forms.
- Are over 18 years old at the start of the chosen residency program.
- Are a national of Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, or an EU national residing in these countries.
- Are comfortable collaborating with others in English.

Some additional information:
- Applicants can apply to multiple residency programs with separate letters of motivation.
- Each participant can take part in a maximum of two residencies out of the four offered during the project.
- Nationals or residents of a country hosting a residency are welcome to apply for that specific residency.

To apply, complete the application form. Prepare the following materials in advance:
- 3-10 images of your work and/or links to your website or social media accounts.
- A short bio (maximum 1500 characters).
- A motivation letter detailing your artistic aims and how this project can benefit you.

The deadline for applications is April 7, 2024. Notification of application results will be sent by April 15, 2024 (midnight).

Women Power in Comics (WOMCOM) is a collaborative initiative involving organisations in six Balkan countries: Students’ Cultural Center Novi Sad in Novi Sad, Serbia, as lead partner; Bakelit Multi Art Center in Budapest, Hungary; Kino Šiška in Ljubljana, Slovenia; PostScriptum in Athens, Greece; Autonomous Cultural Center Attack in Zagreb, Croatia, along with the Association for Comic Affirmation in Budva, Montenegro, as an associate partner. This two-year programme (2023-2024) aims to foster collaboration and engagement among comic artists with the goal of investigating and addressing gender issues in comics as well as empowering female comic artists through residencies, exhibitions, and conferences.

Women Power in Comics is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.