1st WOMCOM Residency: 24 August – 7 September 2023

Zagreb, Croatia

The final WOMCOM residency will be held at Medika – Social Cultural Centre, home to the Autonomous Cultural Centre Attack. For many years, this venue has been a cornerstone of Zagreb’s alternative scene, hosting a plethora of cultural events such as festivals, music performances, exhibitions, cinema screenings, residencies, workshops, and more. Among its notable events is the OHOHO festival of comics and street art, scheduled from September 19 to 22, 2024, marking the culmination of the WOMCOM AiR program.

The OHOHO festival has a focus on small publishers and alternative publications, showcasing various do-it-yourself (DIY) posters and illustrations. The event features drawing and mural activities, comics workshops, promotions of independent comics publications and festivals, presentations by authors and publishers from abroad, DIY markets, exhibitions, and much more.

As the workshop’s theme centers around webcomics, each participant will create their own short comic with guidance from mentors Helena Janečić and Marko Dješka, tailored for digital platforms such as Instagram, where webcomics enjoy immense popularity today. Participants will receive instructions on adapting their comic pages to suit the webcomic format, both narratively and technically. The festival will also host successful webcomic authors, offering masterclasses or lectures on their work.

Additionally, WOMCOM participants will have the opportunity to visit art studios in Zagreb specializing in screenprints, posters, and illustrations created using the DIY technique. Throughout the residency program, participants will engage with a vibrant and diverse creative community, interact with various artists who call Medika their home, and work within a site-specific environment, fostering a truly immersive experience.